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Verium investors acquire a substantial minority stake in DSwiss AG and provide growth capital

A group of investors represented by Verium acquires a significant minority stake in DSwiss and provides a strong foundation for further growth. The founders and the management team will continue to hold a substantial stake in the company and are committed to drive the long-term development of DSwiss.

DSwiss and Verium share the belief that a continued focus on highest security standards while developing best in class technologies and software will propel DSwiss to further strengthen its position as a leading services provider to the financial services industry. Additional growth capital will accelerate the company’s international growth and value creation strategy. The market for DSwiss’ services is due to grow significantly based upon increasing demand for digital banking, Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and the overall development of the digital ecosystem of the financial services industry. DSwiss and Verium therefore see a positive momentum for further international growth of the company.


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