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Verium creates Swiss market leader for mobile energy

In April 2019, an investor group represented by Verium, together with the management, acquired Mobil in Time AG, the leading company in the Swiss mobile energy sector. Through the simultaneous merger with S&G Mobile Heizzentrale AG, the market position was further strengthened and a solid foundation for future long-term growth was created. The founders of both companies still hold a significant stake in the company, are represented on the board of directors and thus guarantee continuity.

Mobile energy – heating, cooling and steam – is used in a wide range of applications. Among others, the group’s customers are active in the industrial sector (e.g. process cooling), the construction industry (e.g. renovation of heating systems, screed drying), HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning), events and facility management. The company offers high-quality, customer-specific systems for rent or sale, with fast delivery times (even in emergency situations), commissioning and installation on site, as well as 24-hour support and professional customer service. Based on the high quality equipment pool, long-lasting experience, innovation power and first class service , Verium expects many opportunities for further growth.


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