Rüschlikon (Zürich)

All apartments, with sizes between approx. 160 m2 and 200 m2, have spacious outdoor areas (garden or terrace) and lake views. In addition to the main living space, all apartments will have large ancillary rooms in the basement.

Due to very high demand for condominium-owned apartments in Rüschlikon and the continuously low supply of new constructions, we anticipate being able to reach very attractive selling prices. The offer is aimed at an upmarket clientele.

The start of marketing is planned for summer 2022, with the start of construction in spring 2023.

Facts & Figures

    Alte Landstrasse 76, Rüschlikon
  • PLOT
    1,377 m2 with lake view
    Building 8 luxury apartments for condominium ownership on 2 full floors and 2 attic floors with a total of approx. 16 parking spaces and large ancillary rooms
    Start of construction spring 2023
    Termination: end of 2024