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Basel (Bruderholz)

The plot on Oberer Batterieweg in Basel was acquired in spring 2017. The Bruderholz borough is without doubt one of the most sought-after residential areas in Basel, and the plot's proximity to public transport and various shopping opportunities additionally increased the location's attractiveness.

The slight delay during the planning stage due to an objection was used to optimise a few aspects of the project, which resulted in investors' IRR and money multiple having increased by the end of the project by roughly one quarter as compared to the plan.

Facts & Figures

    Oberer Batterieweg (Bruderholz), Basel
  • PLOT
    approx. 2,600 m2 building land
    Building 18 apartments for condominium ownership, spread over 3 floors, and an underground garage with 28 parking spaces
    Finished at the end of 2020